Oral surgery isn’t just concerned with just teeth and gums. We also perform surgical treatments on soft tissue in the mouth, such as removing polyps from the inner cheek, addressing tongue ties and treating cysts.

As with all our oral surgery treatments, we use anaesthetic for soft tissue surgeries. Your comfort and care are always at the forefront of our mind. Before we even start thinking about the treatment, we address any concerns you have. It’s completely natural to be nervous before any surgical treatment.

Lumps and bumps

If you have a lump or bump in your mouth, speak to your dentist straight away. They can carry out an oral cancer screening and put you forward for any treatment if they find something. However, if it’s non-cancerous, we can remove it.

Removing any soft tissue lumps is a straight forward procedure. Once the problem lump has been removed, we stitch the area and provide advice on how to take any pain-relief if you need it. Once you’ve healed, we invite you back to remove the stitches.

Tongue and lip ties

If your child has a tongue tie or lip tie, you can have your child referred to us so we can carry out the treatment to free their tongue or lip. The treatment is quick and, as we use anaesthetic, pain-free.

Cysts and swellings

Dental cysts often form following trauma and can become infected if they aren’t removed. Your dentist will refer you to a specialist oral surgeon to have the cyst removed.

We always use anaesthetic for surgical procedures. Removing cysts is no different. We make a small incision and then remove the cyst. We clean the space behind to avoid infection, then seal with a suture. We will give advice on how best to recover from the procedure.

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